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UWT-100 + UWT-50 Combo (Potentiometer Version)

Due late Summer
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This product is a limited time only discount bundle of the UWT-100 and a pre-order for the upcoming UWT-50.

This combo includes the UWT-50 Potentiometer Version

This combo product has 2 versions, (Potentiometer/Encoder knob)
If you woud like a different version please select it from the table below
Potentiometer Encoder

Encoder: This knob can spin 360 degrees
PotentiometerThis knob rotates from 8 O'Clock to 4 O'Clock with a center detent.


The UWT-50 Universal WiFi Throttle from TCS is the new standard in utility WiFi control for model railroads. This throttle brings a new level of ergonomic comfort and operational convenience to a smaller, more affordable package than the UWT-100. Instead of spending time with your head in a manual trying to understand your throttle, the intuitive interface of the UWT-50 allows you to focus on the important things - operating and enjoying your trains!

Engineered to work with most current DCC systems, and increase adoption and use of LCC, this throttle relies on the robust and universal standard of WiFi communication and leaves outdated control systems behind. The UWT-50 can be conveniently updated from the comfort of your own home, meaning you'll always have access to the newest features and your handheld won't quickly pass out of date. We are confident that the UWT-50 will quickly become your favorite throttle to use. 

Two Knob-Styles
Select either a Potentiometer knob for a fixed starting and ending point, or the Encoder knob if you prefer infinite scrolling.

Large, Full-text Screen
1.42" x 0.92" LCD screen with white backlight. Brightness is entirely adjustable for a variety of operating conditions.

Programmable Buttons
Two buttons on the face of the throttle, as well as two multi-position switches on the side can be reassigned to control many functions. Examples such as dynamic braking, manual notching, and higher-numbered functions are now a simple button press or switch flick away!

Multiple Connection Modes
You can connect to any DCC system using the WiThrottle protocol or a system-specific WiFi device, or communicate directly with your LCC network in LCC mode.

In-Throttle Consisting
Consisting doesn’t have to be difficult, intimidating, or complicated. The UWT-50 features a simple consisting interface where users can make, modify, and break up consists in mere seconds.

Yard Mode
Yard Mode is an innovative switching control mode perfect for spicing up repetitive yard moves.

Full-Text Menus
Menus present all options in full words and phrases.

Help Text
Use the [?] button on the keypad in any menu to access help text for that menu item. The throttle will call up a relevant part of the manual or simple description of the selected operation. Help is always one button press away!

Easily Updatable
Update throttle software and add new features to your handheld from the comfort of your own home.

The UWT-50 unit comes equipped with two bright white LED's that can be activated at any time - handy for those dropped screws, lost detail parts, decoupling, and ventures under dark, cavernous benchwork.


You can leave the cords, dongles, and IR controls at home - this system is run completely over WiFi, keeping you mobile and focused on the job at hand. Designed for ambidextrous operation, the throttle features an ergonomic scroll wheel and intuitive printed-on function keys for easy heads-up operation, alongside a huge, backlit, and transflective LCD screen that displays relevant information in an easy-to-understand way. Full-text, human-readable menus and manual text entry put a new level of customization and configuration at your fingertips without the need for difficult technical manuals or complex button combinations. Eight programmable soft keys make accessing your necessary functions easier than ever. Two AA batteries power the throttle for many days of heavy use, and the calibrated battery level display guarantees you won’t be caught unprepared.


  • Lightning-fast startup - powers on and connects in seconds!
  • All throttles update and respond in real time to one another and locomotives on your layout
  • Unparalleled attention to detail in ergonomics and comfort
  • WiFi communication leaves line-of-sight and cord length limits behind. WiFi also can be expanded to provide superior range over other radio devices.
  • Field-updatable software allows you to always keep your device up to date with the latest improvements and features!
  • Up to 8 re-programmable buttons for easy access and function recognition.
  • A "function map" view can be configured or synchronized with your JMRI roster to display all the functions of any decoder for easy reference and programming.
  • A robust locomotive recall list displays user-customized roster names. It can even sync with your JMRI roster!
  • Change connection modes to utilize different communication protocols at the touch of a button
  • Built-in, bright, sunny white LED flashlight provides convenient lighting without eye strain whenever you need it
  • Unprecedented portability and versatility